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Friday, 26th October 2012 Prophecies

1. My children, I have given you the power so that you can work. I gave you power not for
yourselves but to go out and work, for there is much to be done. Do not worry about how you
feel. It is not by your strength but my power. Working in my vineyard means calling people to
me. Encourage people to pray and to call out to me with sincerity in their hearts. Teach them to
pray; to build a relationship with me. That is the work that I expect of you. Go forth and do the
work for which you have been commissioned.

2. Keep the joy alive! Your joy will be your strength. I am the source of your joy. Drink continuously
from the spring of living water so that you will not run out.

3. I have given you a prophet’s tongue. I have given you a staff of righteousness to declare my
word. I have chosen you. Raise your voices in prayer. I have given you victory. Be lights for me;
shine for me. Rejoice in my presence.