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September 6, 2013 Prophecies

1.      The High and exalted one says: Arise kingdom of God! Take your place of authority and dominion. Take up your stations for the battle is upon you. Arise and become what I want you to become. Start marching to the heartbeat of your God. This is War! This is no time to be idling. Let me clothe you in my armour for it is here. There is no turning back. Take up your positions and begin marching to my heart beat. Get up and start marching.


2.      When I created you, I created you to praise me. Praise me when you feel not to praise me for in your praise you will feel comfort and healing. Feel my arms comforting you. Feel my love bursting through you.


3.      There is a fire burning. This is a time of emergency! Camouflage yourself in my blood! When you march, march with authority. When you speak, speak with authority. My love is what will minister to people. My love is what will slay people. Clothe yourself in my blood so that you will be identified.


4.      My divine mercy is there waiting for you. When you say, “Jesus I trust in you”, I am there.