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Overall Community membership stands at approximately 200 persons. People of Praise membership is described as either on a Covenanted or General basis. Covenanted Community members are those persons who have made a commitment, for at least one year, to dedicate their time, talent and treasure to the service of God and the building up of the Church in partnership with People of Praise. To date, there are approximately 50 persons in Covenanted partnership with the Community.

Non-covenanted members constitute the General membership of the Community.

Criteria for Covenant Membership:

Persons wishing to enter into a covenant commitment to the People of Praise community are required to fulfill the following prior to making their pledge:

  • Regular attendance and participation in prayer meetings for at least 6 months
  • Complete a Life in the Spirit seminar
  • Be subject to an interview and/or discussion with the Council of Elders and/or Service Team members

Key Scriptures about Covenant:

Genesis 9: 8-17
Jeremiah 31: 31-34
Hebrews 8: 6-13
Ten Covenant Principles

The following principles constitute the framework within which members make the covenanted commitment:

1. Love - I will love you no matter what; Unconditional Love.

2. Honesty - I will honour you and be truthful to others and myself.

3. Accountability - I will account properly for use of my time, my ability, my talent. (It is not always financial)

4. Confidentiality - I will create an environment of trust where one can feel safe to share, to be themselves.

5. Trust - I will hold that which is given or received in confidence. You can rely on me. I will believe in you and give you hope.

6. Affirmation - I will support you and build you up. Be a positive judge.

7. Openness - I will be accessible and available: ready to receive or exchange views and opinions.

8. Prayer - Pray for one another.

9. Sensitivity - I will be aware of the changes within myself and those of others with whom I have a personal and social relationship.

10. Availability - I will opt to be had or drawn upon, so as to be of value and service to others.

Community Statutes:

Covenanted persons are expected to abide by these guiding principles:

1. Daily Prayer

2. Weekly Mass

3. Regular Confession

4. Regular attendance & participation at Prayer Meeting

5. Study of the Word & Faith

6. Active Witnessing

7. Service to Community

8. Tithing to Community

9. Wear a Christian symbol of covenant

10. Uphold the 10 Covenant principles

Responsibilities of Covenanted Members:

To be directly involved in the workings of one or more of the community's departments

Regular attendance at Covenant activities and retreats.

To pursue exemplary moral conduct.

To be true to the principles of the covenant and abide by the statutes of the Community.


Some Blessings of the Covenant

A quarterly mass is offered for covenanted members

Covenanted members and their intentions are remembered on a quarterly basis in the weekly intercessions and various liturgies at the House of Praise

See Deuteronomy 28:1-14

The Covenant Pledge

I joyfully commit myself to be a covenanted member of the People of Praise Community for the period of one year.
I freely offer my time, talent and treasure for the building up of the kingdom of God through the ministry of this community.
I vow to be faithful to the principles of Covenant and to pursue a lifestyle in accordance with the statues of the community.
I make this simple promise in the presence of (insert name of Priest here) and the members of this community on this day.