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February 4th Prophecies


1. I want you to call My Name. Just say My Name. For in My Name, there is power to change your situation. In My Name there is all the power to heal your brokenness. In My Name there is power to bring forth transformation. You must say My Name. Speak My Name forth. Let those around you hear you calling My Name from the depths of your soul, letting them know that your salvation rests in My Name. So call on My Name for in My Name there is Me.


2. See the water and the blood gushing from My side? It is for you. My water that purifies and gives life. Bathe in it.


3. Do not keep Me hidden any longer. It is time to reveal Me to your husbands and your wives. Speak My Name to your children and your grand children. Speak out. Are you too timid? Are you afraid? I have put a spirit of boldness in you! You are doing nothing for Me! I will work to bring My miracle to My people. Speak out! Do not keep Me hidden but announce Me to the world.


4. I hear you moaning and groaning. You continue to hold on because I am not letting you go. Endure because I am not letting you go. Imagine, the Joy that I have prepared for you. As you moan, I am molding and forming your future.


5. Live for Me My People. Lose yourself in Me. Just as a grain of wheat must die before it can grow again, I want you to die to self. I want to give you hope, wisdom; all the things you need to live in this world. Come to me.


6. I am the Lord who healeth thee. No one can come to the father except through me. Know that if you seek Me, you will find Me. In order to be healed you must seek Me. I am your God now and forever. Know that there is healing and wholeness in Me.

Scriptural confirmation

1 John 5-9