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Organisational Structure

The Community is organized along the following lines:

 Community Director

The entire Community is run by a Director, who serves as its head. He is the chief servant who gives direction, strategic intent and vision to the Community and is the leader of the Council & Body of Elders.

Council of Elders

A body of persons called to serve in the following capacity: Advisory, Decision Making, Direction, Counseling, Spiritual Direction, Pastoral Care, Ministry, Disciplining, Policy Making & Monitoring, Envisioning, Powers of Vito, Monitoring of the Pastoral Groups. This vocation is renewable each year.

Body of Elders

A body of persons representing the collective wisdom of the community. Their role is primarily that if consultation. Members are elected to the Body of elders by Covenanted members and the Council of Elders.



 Upon the invitation of Bishops, priest, nuns, youth coordinators, prayer groups and lay persons, members of the People of Praise have ministered in word, music and the performing arts throughout Trinidad and Tobago, to over thirteen Caribbean islands, North America and Canada.



Overall Community membership stands at approximately 200 persons. People of Praise membership is described as either on a Covenanted or General basis. Covenanted Community members are those persons who have made a commitment, for at least one year, to dedicate their time, talent and treasure to the service of God and the building up of the Church in partnership with People of Praise. To date, there are approximately 50 persons in Covenanted partnership with the Community.

Non-covenanted members constitute the General membership of the Community.

Criteria for Covenant Membership:

Persons wishing to enter into a covenant commitment to the People of Praise community are required to fulfill the following prior to making their pledge:

  • Regular attendance and participation in prayer meetings for at least 6 months
  • Complete a Life in the Spirit seminar
  • Be subject to an interview and/or discussion with the Council of Elders and/or Service Team members

About P.O.P.

The People of Praise Community of Upper De Gannes Street, is an incorporated, non-profit organization based in the town of Arima. Established since 1989, the Community exists to foster goodwill by reaching out to others, especially youth and young adults through seminars, workshops, retreats, counselling, development programmes, prayer and music ministry.