18th July 2024

People of Praise

Praise – a way o life



Formation Ministry

The Formation Ministry exists to prepare people for family (community & domestic), life and ministry. The Formation Ministry is led by Br. Winston Garcia.

The two main Ministries within Formation are: Music & Arts Ministry and School of Ministry. 


Our Approach

Music & Arts Ministry

The Music & Arts Ministry incorporate song, musical accompaniment, dance, drama, spoken word, and other art forms as a means of expressing Praise to God and ministering the Gospel. The Music & Arts Ministry also assists with the development of musical and artistic talent within the Community.

The Music and Arts Ministry consists of three departments, namely the Choir and Band, School of Music and Arts, and Technical Arts and PA

Choir & Band. The Choir focuses on introducing new music and providing vocal accompaniment for Prayer Meetings, crusades, conferences, etc., singing for mass and other community events, arrangement, compositions and recordings. The Band focuses on raising up and training new musicians, providing musical accompaniment for choir practice, prayer meeting, mass and all community events

The School of Music & Arts has two areas of focus:

Music – focusing on developing Praise & Worship leaders/ministers, scoring of music, delivering training in music theory, voice, musicianship, practicals and certification.

The Arts – focusing on the delivery of training in Dance and Drama, building a dance and drama ministry in the community.

Technical Arts & PA

This departmentfocuses on providing Visual Aids, PA/Sound System, Evangelization through Technology, Ambiance for Prayer Meeting, Streaming of Prayer Meeting on internet/social media, Video and Audio recordings.

Our Story

School of Ministry

The School of Ministry is the training arm of the Community that focuses on delivering teachings, workshops, segments, seminars, etc. on topics such as deliverance, healing, prayer/intercession, preaching, evangelization and mission.

The School of Ministry also has a mandate to develop the Prophetic Ministry, record and communicate prophecies.