16th October 2021

Community Life


Community Life Ministry

The Ministry of Community Life is the Pastoral Care and Fellowship arm of the Community.  It consists of a number of departments aimed at fostering relationships, meeting the needs of distinctive pastoral groups and contributing to the well being and lifeblood of the Community.

Our Approach

Counselling Ministry

The mission of the Counselling Department is to journey with individuals by integrating psychological thought and methods with Roman Catholic doctrine and biblical principles in an effort to help them address psychological issues to achieve wholeness in Christ.

Our Story

Youth To Youth Ministry

Youth to Youth (Y2Y) ministry focuses on youth formation through on-going meetings, delivering retreats, organizing social and charitable events, outreach, drama and music ministry.

Children's Ministry

The vision of Children’s Ministry is to raise the future leaders of People of Praise by assisting parents and guardians in the spiritual formation of their children. This ministry, besides teaching about the Catholic faith during prayer meeting, also facilitates the children's development through vacation camp activities, participation at Mass and prayer meetings, and stage performances within the parish community.

Family Life Ministry

Family Life Ministry
The areas of focus of the Family Life Ministry are:

Married Couples Ministry
Focuses on promoting & developing family life through meetings, retreats, information, brochures, books, social events, etc.

Young Adult Ministry
Focuses on journeying with young adults aged 18 to 40. This ministry endeavours to create and empower ambassadors for Christ, who faithfully live out the teachings of the Church and joyfully witness through works of mercy.

Male/Female Fellowship
Focuses on events and support systems, seminars, workshops and talks for men and women in the Community.

Recreation Ministry

Recreation focuses on delivering social and recreational activities that build community spirit and fellowship at People of Praise. Recreational events that build community life include Sport and Family days, Carnival Camp, talent shows, games nights, hikes and other outdoor activities.