18th July 2024

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Understanding Sexual Abuse Workshop


On Saturday 15th August 2020 the Counselling Ministry of the People of Praise Community held a workshop titled “Understanding Sexual Abuse”. The workshop was held in direct response to the growing need to equip parents, teachers, persons in ministry, survivors and persons working in areas of social services to better understand how to recognise and report instances of abuse in children and adults.

The event was well attended by community members and even saw participation from persons outside of the community, in particular, members of the Trinidad and Tobago Prison Service. The group was treated to insightful, interactive, and thought-provoking presentations from a team of qualified psychologists that included Ms. Deborah Lee Riviears and our very own Justina Nkemakolam and Siobhan Burroughs.

As the workshop was hosted during the time of the Covid-19 pandemic, all Ministry of Health Covid-19 protocols were observed. The Counselling Ministry team, led by Luscia Kanneh, employed an online polling tool to test our learning as well as to solicit feedback on what I thought was an excellent session and a powerful start to a crucial conversation that needs to take place in: the wider society, our Church, in community and within individual families.

I want to again extend heartfelt appreciation and thanks to the entire Counselling Ministry team for responding to the call.

Article by: Debbie Garcia - Council of Elders and workshop participant
People of Praise Community