15th October 2021



Encounter Ministry

The  Encounter Ministry consists of departments through which Community members may come into a personal encounter with God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, nourish and grow both their Spiritual and  Human relationships through tangible engagements that reflect Christ within us.

Our Approach

Intercession Department

Intercession focuses on providing ongoing intercessory prayer at the Community through Vigils, Novenas, Weekly Intercessory Prayer Meetings, BURNS, Eucharistic Adoration, developing the intercessory department in POP, support for counseling ministry, prayer support for all community events, members, with a special emphasis on Covenanted members and  intercession before prayer meeting on Friday.

Our Story

Prayer Meeting

The Prayer Meeting focuses on preaching, teaching, Praise & Worship, prayer, healing and deliverance ministry on a Friday night. Special programmes are recorded LIVE on Trinity Communications Network (TCN) in Prayer Meeting as required, typically on a monthly basis or at any other location (e.g. on Carnival Camp.)

Prayer Meetings are streamed via Facebook Live and may be viewed at https://www.facebook.com/popraisett

Hospitality & Orientation

This is the umbrella department under which the following lie:
Sweet Hand Crew Focuses on cafeteria sales, providing refreshments for sale at Prayer meetings and other community events and also play an integral part in the celebration of Birthdays, Anniversaries and other Special events in the lives of Community members.

Greeters and Ushers Focuses on welcoming, seating and ushering persons at prayer meetings and other events.

Provides an overview of People of Praise Community to new comers, and captures information on new comers via the Help Desk for ease of follow up, assists in developing a skills bank/database of skills and services that can be provided by/through the Community.