18th July 2024

People of Praise

Praise – a way o life

Organizational Structure



The People of Praise Community is organized and managed along the following lines:


Community Director

The Community is led by a Director, who serves as its head and moderator.  He/she is the chief servant who gives direction, strategic intent and vision to the Community and is the leader of the Council and Body of Elders and Service Team.  Br. Winston Garcia is the Community Director.


Council of Elders

The Council of Elders is the body of persons called to serve at the highest level of leadership in the community in the following capacity: Advisory, Decision Making, Direction, Counseling, Spiritual Direction, Pastoral Care, Ministry, Disciplining, Policy Making & Documentation, Envisioning, Powers of Veto and Monitoring of the Pastoral Groups. Winston Garcia, Debbie Garcia and Eugene Hoyte form the Council of Elders.


Service Team

A team of people (7 being the recommend maximum), called to serve at the second tier of leadership in the community and elected by covenanted members to serve the community for a period of at least 1 year in areas such as:  Planning for Prayer Meeting, Implementation & Management of Community projects and operations, Making recommendations to the Council and Body of Elders.

The Service Team works in tandem with other management bodies of the Community to give definitive direction in the execution of Community affairs and to ensure proper compliance with overall aims and objectives.  The Community Director and the Council of Elders reserve the right to finalize the composition of the Service Team.

Mark De Leon, Ann Marie Liverpool, Lysia Ramkissoon and Harry Rampersad make up the Service Team.

The Leadership Team of the Community comprises both the Council of Elders and the Service Team.


Body of Elders

The Body of Elders is an advisory body of persons representing the collective wisdom of the community.  When convened, their role is primarily that of consultation, prayerful discernment and intercession.


Ministry Heads

Covenanted Community members champion the critical areas or ministries of the community and function as Ministry Heads.  Ministry Heads administer the responsibilities and projects of their respective departments to ensure congruence with wider Community goals and objectives.


Heads of Departments

Heads of Departments are directly responsible and accountable for the execution of projects and activities in the Community.  Each departmental head works in conjunction with a supporting management team within his/her respective department.