18th July 2024

People of Praise

Praise – a way o life



Administration Ministry

Administration is responsible for general day to day running and operations of the Community. It is the body that keeps all the moving parts of the Community integrated, interrelated and interconnected. The associated Departments are: Office & Property Management, Budgeting & Accounts, Enterprise and PR & Marketing.

Our Approach

Office & Property Management

The Office provides administrative support for the smooth running of the Community and its related affairs. Such activities include: call handling, coordination of events and community activities, management of correspondence, the management of schedules and follow-up activities of the Community Director and leadership team (Council of Elders and Service Team). The Office is the hub of communications for the People of Praise Community. All internal and external activities of the community are channeled through the office for the purpose of planning, co-coordinating, reporting and documentation.
Property Management focuses on the upkeep of the House Of Praise (HOP) and other People Of Praise (POP) sites, stock taking/asset management, yard maintenance and has oversight for new site and infrastructure related projects.


This department is responsible for fund raising activities, advocacy and attracting sponsorship to the Community. Business ventures and sources of income to assist with covering the expenses of the Community would be delivered through the operation of this department.

Our Story

Budget & Accounts

Budget & Accounts focuses on record keeping, preparation of quarterly statements of income and expense, balance sheet preparation, community budget administration and accountability to tithers. The Department will consult with professionals within and outside of the community from time to time on matters regarding financial planning and regulatory matters.

PR & Marketing

PR (Public Relations) & Marketing focuses on Community branding, promotions and advertising. This department also provides the Community with information, brochures, tracts, handouts, material on specific topics either proactively or on request; Coordinates the production of a regular Newsletter/bulletin, Use of print, social and electronic media for disseminating information, maintaining web site content and managing the Community Notice Board.