18th July 2024

People of Praise

Praise – a way o life

Leadership Development


Leadership Development Ministry

Leadership development refers to activities that improve the skills, abilities and confidence of the Community's membership. Leadership development is a common process in succession planning, which aims to produce a high caliber of leaders to take over senior positions when they become vacant. Departments that fall under Leadership Development are: Covenant and the Departmental System.

Our Approach


Covenant focuses on developing the spirituality of covenanted and associate members through the delivery of retreats and activities, commitment ceremony, offering a quarterly mass, reaching out to members (locally and overseas), promoting tithing/giving and helping members live out the statutes of covenant, in particular, service to community and others, with a view to living out the Vision and Mission of the People of Praise Community.

Overseas Covenanted Partners

This department is an arm of the overarching Covenant Team that reaches out to persons living abroad who make the covenant commitment. They share messages via the Community chat, a special overseas partners chat group, newsletters, email, etc.

Our Story

The Departmental System

Much of the work in the People of Praise (POP) Community is delivered through the operation of one or more departments. The system to oversee and manage the operation of these departments is POP’s Departmental System.